09 April 2019

Another Mohammed in the news...

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TORONTO — A Toronto neurosurgeon was fighting with his wife who wanted a divorce when he choked her to death in their home while their three children were sleeping.

“After the killing, Mohammed packed his wife’s body in a suitcase and drove about 35 kilometres north of the city and dumped the suitcase in the Humber River.”

Erica Fric-Shamji suffered injuries all over her body – including a broken neck and ribs – before her husband choked her to death.

Shamji carried on with his daily routine after the slaying, including performing surgeries the next day, and lied about his missing wife’s whereabouts, the Crown said. He also planted evidence aimed at pointing the finger at his wife’s lover, court heard.

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“If I ever go missing, or if something ever happens to me, you will know who did it,” Dr. Elana Fric-Shamji confided to a friend amid escalating physical and emotional abuse as she considered divorcing her husband, Toronto neurosurgeon Dr. Mohammed Shamji.
The very words of Nicole Brown Simpson.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says --------- pre-meditated murder with extreme violence, an attempt to hide/dispose of the body and some idiot judge thinks this should be second degree. Canada is screwed with intellects such as this on the bench.

Neo Conservative said...

could've used the slap shot defense...

"Mohamad Rafia, a Syrian refugee told a
Fredericton court that he didn’t know it
was a crime in Canada to beat your wife
with a hockey stick
for half an hour."