16 June 2018

Who "allegedly" shoots little girls...

...in a playground?

Meet slack-jawed, shark-eyed Sheldon...big brave sheldon

Today, police announced Sheldon Eriya, 21, of Markham was picked up by investigators in Pickering. He has been charged with several offences including two counts of attempted murder and two counts of aggravated assault.
Meanwhile, back in Mayor John Tory's "safe" Toronto...
One man is dead and another has life-threatening injuries after a double stabbing at a bar in Scarborough’s Cliffcrest neighbourhood early Saturday morning.
But wait... there's more...
Police say they’ve located a man with life-threatening injuries after shots were fired Saturday night at the Polson Pier entertainment complex on Toronto’s waterfront.
Toronto police say Jefferson Morgan, 29, is facing 10 charges after two shots were fired toward a large crowd of people in downtown Toronto early on Friday morning./


Stuck in T.O. said...

In the Red Star, "Tory ...thinks it's time for police to be "very aggressive in rounding these people up who carry these guns around, brandish guns and use guns"". Crappy grammar aside- was he not front and centre in the abolition of field contacts (aka carding)? That's how they used to round these people up.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently there are only 175 cops
scheduled for duty at any one time
in toronto.

but there were 233 unsolved murders
in hogtown in the last 10 years.

do the math.