11 June 2018

The unbelievable, jaw-dropping hypocrisy...

...of a shrivelled-up, has-been political courtesan...insert alt text here

Kathleen Wynne, who stepped down as Liberal leader after the party’s dramatic downfall, said she hopes premier-designate Doug Ford will change the rules to grant the designation, which currently requires eight seats in the legislature. “I think it’s important,” she said. “I hope that Mr. Ford will agree.”

"It’s unlikely the NDP would support loosening the rules around party status considering they were denied a similar reprieve under the Liberals in 2003," said Jonathan Malloy, a political science professor at Carleton University.

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"There is a retreat in the movement," said Rioux, 69, on Saturday afternoon. "We've suffered a series of defeats, and it's hard to attract people when you don't win."


Anonymous said...

Socynical says...

In typical Liberal fashion; don't improve the performance to meet the standard, lower the standard to meet the performance.


Neo Conservative said...

why we ended up with 5 foot, 95 pound cops.