09 June 2018

"We don' need no steenkin' signs"

You're at the helm of the wheeled equivalent of a battleship... who needs English...diversity is our strength

Const. Zafar Kazmi asked Saini [in Hindi] if he was aware he’d entered a construction zone and traffic had stopped. “No, no,” he replied. “There was no signs at all.”
Or... to be a bit more precise... none that unilingual septuagenarian big-rig driver Mohinder Singh Saini could actually read.
"... slammed his tractor trailer full-speed into dozens of vehicles that had stopped for lane closures in a heavily-marked construction zone, between Brock St. and Salem Rd."
PS, Mo... you snatch up four innocent lives, I'm not sure "totally oblivious" is your best defence strategy.


dmorris said...

The inconvenient truth is that many ethnics who immigrate to Canad find out laws and justice SO weak and ineffectual they automatically go into "Asian " mode, whereby bribery is the order of the day.
The article is very unsatisfactory as it doesn't mention why a 73 year old man who doesn't speak English OR French was behind the wheel of a semi.
I have known dozens of professional trucker,good friend is still in the business, but most of them retire at about 65,like ever other working man does,so why in hell is this guy still going at 73?
I will hypothesize that he is completely unqualified to drive a big rig,no Class 1, no air brake endorsement, and is working for a fellow East Indian who employed him because he works cheap. Call me racist if you want to,but I have witnessed many times how East Indians operate in the trucking business,and it IS a fact that they are contemptuous of our laws. The old bugger may not be able to drive a small car properly, but his East Indian driver's examiner was probably gifted to the tune of about $4000 to pass the guy.
He may have crashed simply because he did NOT know how to stop the damned semi!

Neo Conservative said...

a little while ago, CBC radio's Ontario Today program
tried to explore the rash of tractor trailer wrecks
on Ontario highways. they very quickly went into
panic mode when callers started bringing up the
"diversity element" they were observing re:
dangerous driving and big rigs.

not a happy day at the mothership.


Anonymous said...

old white guys asks...............how did a man that age get an AZ licence without being able to speak English. he is said to be in his seventies, did he pass the medical for an AZ licence? He sure as hell could not have passed the written aspect of the teat.