28 June 2018

Ask the Experts

A psychological assessment of Bruce McArthur following a 2003 conviction for assault concluded that the risk of him committing more violent acts was “very minimal,” according to documents made public by a judge Wednesday.
Compare and contrast...
McArthur is now in custody awaiting trial on eight charges of first-degree murder in relation to deaths and disappearances in Toronto’s gay village.
Two words... catch & release.


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Police say that a 24-year-old man was mistakenly released from custody after a court appearance in Scarborough earlier this week.

LAST WORD: Catch, release and repeat
Police investigated Capital Gazette shooting suspect Jarrod Ramos in 2013, but concluded he was no threat, while the newspaper didn’t want to pursue a legal case against him for fear of putting “a stick in a beehive," a police report released Friday said.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says---------------psychobabble by psychologists.

Neo Conservative said...

the cops were called to brucie's
apartment and found a man tied to
his bed against his will... seems
even that wasn't enough of a clue.