01 June 2018

I'm judging Andrea Horwath...

...by the company she keeps...war is peace

“When I was out of the country my Facebook page was hacked,” NDP candidate Tasleem Riaz insisted. “Honestly, honestly, I’m the person who’s spreading love and peace in the community,” she said dramatically. She said when people heard about the meme, they told her she didn’t “deserve this” because she’s done so much for the community.

When I first approached Riaz for comment Thursday, she was shuffled out the door by NDP handlers. She then subsequently claimed to other media “she was very busy” — too busy to comment as she sat schmoozing with assorted NDP staffers.

PC candidate Gila Martow first brought the meme to the media’s attention a week ago, countered that “openly Nazi messages” are not pushed on social media by mistake — a message that was “liked” by at least seven of Riaz’s friends at the time.
Note that Tasleem isn't addressing allegations that she called Canadian soldiers "war criminals." Is that a real vote-magnet in her riding?


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The NDP hand-picked a slate of activists and social justice candidates specifically because they support the party’s hard-left activist agenda. They, in fact, represent the divisive, dysfunctional, progressive culture the NDP embraces.

These are the candidates Horwath wants!

We hope voters will keep that in mind on June 7.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............socialists are all liars. if we allow it they will continue the destruction of freedom and prosperity in Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

i miss stephen harper.