19 June 2018

Ah, yes... the Charter of Rights...

...it stands on guard for thee...lies

VANCOUVER -- A British Columbia man's Facebook posts allegedly threatening violence in support of the Islamic State group provide enough evidence to suggest he poses a security risk to Canada and should be deported, an official for the Canada Border Services Agency says.

Othman Hamdan's lawyer has argued his client's online views amounted to freedom of expression as guaranteed by the charter.

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The Ottawa School of Business and Economics founder, Massoud Khazabi, said last week there are about 20 students enrolled. The little college took down much of its website Friday. It has no physical location — just a Dymon Storage mailbox.

Khazabi is also an economic advisor at Transport Canada. We reached out to Khazabi on Tuesday but hadn’t heard back.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says--------------freedom of expression also permits me to take action against anyone who attacks or threatens me. all the khazabis should be aware of that.

Neo Conservative said...

the charter never seems to protect
anyone on the conservative side of
the political spectrum.