11 June 2018

Come for the bike trails...

...stay for the neurosurgery...dvp & sheppard

Toronto Police have charged Hassan Hassan, 36, of Toronto and six teenage boys after an alleged robbery and beating that left a cyclist in a coma. Police are still searching for 18-year-old Nakhari Henry-Robinson and 19-year-old Tajon James.

A 19-year-old man was biking on May 25 when he was surrounded by 15 people, some of whom assaulted him while others cheered them on. Police say the cyclist suffered a “significant” head injury and spent several days in a coma.
Just another story you won't see on the CBC.


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Two of the men at the centre of a wild police chase in downtown Toronto last month are up-and-coming rapper siblings with a large and loyal following of fans. Sharrieff Muhammad, 22, and his brother Kareemallah Muhammad, 18, were arrested along with two other men following the police pursuit in broad daylight on May 28. It's alleged that at one point someone fired into a group of pedestrians on Parliament Street near Dundas. No one was injured.

In March, Kareemallah Muhammad was charged with sexual assault and forcible confinement in relation to an alleged incident involving a 17 year-old fan. In 2017, he was also charged with drug trafficking. On May 28, the Muhammad brothers were arrested along with Shakiem Anderson, 21, of Mississauga and Harlem Baldwin, 20, of Toronto.

They're facing 97 charges in total including criminal negligence and reckless discharge of a firearm.
That's some Religion of Peace.


LAST WORD: Ride the Rocket... I dare you

Actually... I double dare you.