27 June 2018

Canada... where benefit of the doubt...

...always goes to the violent criminal recidivist...insert alt text here

"The jury wasn't told about criminal record of intruder killed by Ontario homeowner. They also didn't see a tearful statement Peter Khill gave to police after he killed Jon Styres. It would have shown how distraught Khill really was after the shooting."

BREAKING: The jury saw through it...

Peter Khill has BEEN FOUND NOT GUILTY in the shooting death of Jon Styres.
"Justice Stephen Glithero had told jurors they could rule in Khill’s favour if they decide he 'reasonably' believed he was under threat."
Here's a thought... you're not prowling around in the middle of the night, stealin' people's shit... no one gets so much as a papercut.


LAST WORD: Remember, when seconds count...

...the police are just minutes away...
The number of police officers per capita is at a 13-year low in Canada, putting us behind our international allies, according to a memo drafted for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale. "Canada has one of the lowest rates of police per capita among industrialized countries."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says----------------I was glad to see that Khill was set free.

Neo Conservative said...

the family of the deceased car thief
was wearing t-shirts that said,
"justice for jon."

the irony abounds.