27 June 2018

Community Housing, Community Housing...

...that sounds so familiar...welfare hellhole

A 41 year old man who was soon to be the father of 12 children was murdered in an apartment of a Toronto Community Housing complex.
If you hurry, you can help pay for Brent Young's funeral...
"Brent was a great father to his kids, as on the morning of, he was supposed to pick them up but never made it there."
It's true... that 2:30 am stopover at the Regent Park Fish & Game Club can be a killer...
Two men are facing a combined 38 charges after handguns, drugs, and cash were seized during a police investigation in the area of Sherbourne and Dundas streets at around 8 p.m. Tuesday.
But wait... there's more...
Toronto police are investigating after a body was found in Scarborough in the area of Midland and Lawrence avenues.

"Earlier this year, it was revealed that thefts on mopeds and bikes have increased by 2,138 per cent in just two years in parts of central London, as the city experiences a violent crime wave under Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan."


Stuck in T.O. said...

12 kids 😂

Neo Conservative said...

according to gofundme page, he was going
to pick up his kids that morning... but
just happened to get smoked at 2:30 am
in regent park (he lived in west end,

maybe he was there to borrow a school bus
to take the kids on an outing?