22 June 2018

The Un-Empire strikes back

justins post national state

The staff members in the meeting could argue they were expressing an opinion, and that they were not doing so maliciously, Mr. Zvulony said. “Saying he’s like Hitler is an opinion. Nobody believes he is the incarnation of Hitler.”
But, remember... using incorrect gender pronouns in Justin Trudeau's "post national state" is now a crime.

Perhaps WLU should order in copies of Peterson's book for their teaching staff...rule number six**********

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If you have an opportunity to see Dr. Peterson live, DO IT, you guys. It’s not just a talk, not just a lecture, and not just a “performance.” It’s an experience. And for some folks, it’s life-saving.


Anonymous said...

I hope somehow, some way, they both win in this.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says============= Peterson is not someone I would follow anywhere, but, his globalist opinion does not have to be censored.

Neo Conservative said...

professor peterson is certainly not
asking for messianic followers like,
say... the cult of justin... he is
one of the few advocates of free
speech in the public forum these
days... which is what makes him such
a standout.