17 June 2018

A long and storied history...

...of abject capitulation...surrender monkeys

"A thousand Muslims in the southern French city of Nice took to the street to pray on Friday following the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan, in defiance of the country’s laws."
If you are unable or unwilling to enforce the laws of the land... you are no longer a sovereign nation. And, realistically... at some point, you're gonna run out of bulletproof glass.


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"At least 18 people die in Jalalabad, a day after suicide bomber kills 36 at an Eid gathering in Nangarhar province."
But wait... there's more...
At least 31 people have been killed in a twin suicide bomb attack by suspected Boko Haram fighters on a town in northeast Nigeria, according to local sources.


Frances said...

Simple solution: send in the street sweepers, Zamboni kind.

Neo Conservative said...

and when one fifth of the french
population rises up in violent


Anonymous said...

old white guy asks-----------------where are all the white men with big trucks?

Neo Conservative said...

let's face it... france is gone. it
has passed thee tipping point and will
soon be a caliphate.

probably too late for italy as well,
but at least they're fighting back.