19 June 2018

The usual suspects

Apparently "Black Lives Matters", Toronto... was unavailable for comment...shooters

Tarrick Rhoden and T'Quan Robertson, both 23, are wanted for attempted murder, discharging a firearm with intent, and two counts each of aggravated assault.
I wonder if they got snitched out by their buddy, Sheldon Eriya.


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...doesn't always mean what you think...
According to police, the suspect vehicles surrounded the victims’ vehicle and a number of men attacked the three victims with baseball bats. Sgt. Duane Bilton said it’s believed the motive for the attack was “a money debt of sorts.”
Brampton, Brampton... that sounds so familiar.


LAST WORD: All just "culturally relative?"
On Tuesday, a suspect identified by police as Anirudha Nayagam of Brampton turned himself in to authorities. He has been charged with sexual assault, assault and criminal harassment.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says---------------say it isn't so. not another vibrant pair of mental defects?

Neo Conservative said...

no idea of their intelligence.
seems they may be deficient in
empathy and ethical appreciation.