20 November 2015


Don't blame me... I didn't vote for 'em...

Ontario now boasts the highest proportion of minimum wage workers in Canada and one of the worst rates of long-term unemployment in the country.
But don't you worry... those 10,000 non-English speaking refugees will fix everything.


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The Liberal campaign motto should have been, "Politics, As Usual!"
But, but, but... isn't he dreamy?


Rich said...

Yup...the Libs are a train wreck...they have no redeemimng features.
But where the heck are the PC's...I have heard not a word coming from them....are they running for the Perpetually Hibernating Opposition Party?
Wynnie the $hit needs her ruby slippers held to the fire.

Bill Elder said...

And I bet they can't wait for the $15/hr minimum wage law to finish off what small scale business is left in this rotting shell of a province.

Neo Conservative said...

the electorate and the opposition did nothing when kathleen wynne took 70 million taxpayer dollars a year to fight the plague of "social infertility" among her lesbian constituents.

that's when i realised that nobody really cared what the liberals do.