26 November 2015

Dear PM "Imagine All the People"...

I get that aboriginal people in Canada are way more likely to be murdered, than, for example, the rest of epidermally privileged us.

What I'm curious to know is, what if the killer isn't actually that ol' racist Colonel Mustard with his Hudson's Bay blankets in the gender-specific bathroom?

According to party-poopers like StatsCan and the RCMP, there's a few other things to be considered here.

"The agency also examined the identities of those accused of homicide. It found almost a third of people accused of [homicide] last year were aboriginal. The rate of aboriginal people accused was 10 times higher than the rate for non-indigenous people. By gender, aboriginal people accounted for 30 per cent of men accused of homicide and 51 per cent of accused women."
While our newly-minted APEC hottie may not have packed a contingency parachute, it seems the national police service has already implemented their own "Plan B" to deal with any further possible disturbances to "The Force"...
"The RCMP said they no longer plan to release annual stats on missing and murdered aboriginal women."
Yeah... "too many facts..." we wouldn't want to clog up homicide investigations with any of that.

Anyway, your PILFiness, in light of your recent climbdown from that Syrian refugee mess, I just thought I'd give you a little heads-up.

That whole "running an entire country" deal is a little more complicated than teaching a high school drama class. Don't worry, though... only four more years.


"At the risk of breeching culturally appropriate protocols, we are NOT talking about roving bands of marauding Presbyterians, Jesuit or Lutheran reformers."


Bill Elder said...

I think you will also find that the statistics show the majority of murder convictions and the largest portion of aboriginal murder convictions occur in Winnipeg and Edmonton. Now this may be pure conjecture but, I get the impression this is happening because of organized crime gangs comprised of certain ethnic groups who equate their cultural and ethnic heritage with savage violence, pagan misogynist beliefs and murderous racism towards another certain epidermally different racial group.

At the risk of breeching culturally appropriate protocols, we are NOT talking about roving bands of marauding Presbyterians, Jesuit or Lutheran reformers - Jus sayin’

Regarding the PMILF and his unicorn day dream concept of Multicult, these racially and misogynistic murders, which in pith and substance makes most of these crimes racially and sexually bigoted hate crimes , (not unlike honor killings or jihad against infidels) – pours a whole shit-pot of racial and misogynist poison over the multicult-PC rainbow. With this announcement by the Queen’s Cowboys that they will no longer be documenting or making public such minority hate crimes to save the sacred Multicult mythology, I get a stark image of John Leguizamo as Clown/Violator in Spawn closing his yes, putting his hands over his ears and going; “Na na na na I can’t hear you” when confronted with the searing hard truth.

Rob R said...

I don't believe for a second that this will be over in four years. If history teaches us anything, it's that the LPC will use their position of power wisely. That is, they will use public funding to feed a steady stream of BS to the LIV crowd to insure perpetual re-election for some time to come.

In the past, this thought would have depressed me but now I feel lucky to be old enough that I'll not likely be around to suffer the consequences of this government and their leader, Gerry Butts and his puppet. This is one of the benefits of getting older.

Neo Conservative said...

the article is quick to offer up the obligatory socialist "root causes" caveat...

"complex and long-standing systemic problems that include poverty, racism and discrimination"

the globe also goes on to report on "the serial killers" who stalk aboriginal women, ie. - robert picton.

thing is, picton didn't have a special affection or antipathy for aboriginal women, he simply preyed on junkie hookers... the preponderance of whom, in his area, were, well... take a guess.

remember, when the media asked safecracker willie sutton why he robbed banks, he replied... "because that's where the money is."


Rich said...

I think I'll subscribe to the Globe & Mail....just so I can cancel in a huff of righteous and justified indignation!
There is more news in the TSC catalogue!