27 November 2015

His fever dreams... your money

He claims to be a climate warrior, but rather than donate his own "dirty, carbon-stained money" to the Sierra Club or Greenpeace... Justin Trudeau has financial advisors working to increase his tainted eco-criminal funds.bankrupting canadaRemember, Justin Trudeau is a millionaire. He didn't earn this money, he inherited it from his grandfather's sale of a chain of... wait for it... GASOLINE SERVICE STATIONS. He doesn't actually need the inherited windfall, with just his outrageous Parliamentary salary and gold-plated pension, Justin will never want for Grey Goose and caviar.

Instead, our "hottie" PM has decided he'll donate your money to the cause.

VALLETTA, Malta -- Canada is making a five-year, $2.65 billion contribution to help developing countries tackle climate change.
Note... "climate change" is the newest name for what used to be called "global warming" before, you know... it turned out that a lot of the numbers supporting this theory, including the infamous "hockey stick graph" turned out to be proveably false.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement Friday at the summit of Commonwealth leaders in Malta, where the battle against global warming is becoming the dominant issue.
Of course, we all know how wisely developing countries allocate their donated cash monies... every African dictator extant has his own special Swiss bank account.
"One example is the son of Equatorial Guinea’s dictator, who owns a $1.4 million Bugatti and a $35 million Malibu mansion, all on a $4,000 monthly salary."
Despite all this, Justin Trudeau has decided to redistribute the better part of 3 billion dollars of Canadian taxpayers money to highlight his presently dubious eco-credentials.

Just something to consider next time you're sitting in a hospital emergency room for six hours, waiting to see a doctor. (h/t Rich)


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OTTAWA — The Liberal government, elected on a platform that pledged to ban partisan advertising, is set to launch a $500,000 digital ad campaign to boost public support for its plan to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year, according to a strategic plan document obtained by the National Post.
They look you right in the face and they lie.


ward said...

Re Trudeaus dirty inheritance maybe he needs to pay reparations. One shudders to think of the amount of CO2 emissions required to create the Trudeau fortune

Neo Conservative said...

i'm sure justin, like his uncle fidel, feels he, himself, is above the law.

laws are for the little people.


Bill Elder said...

I bet this is all retribution for all those years the cool kids threw snowballs at his head - obviously they knocked something loose and traumatized our favorite spawn - mein gott does he ever crave being a kool kid. Never moved beyond that - juvenile peer group approval stage -arrested development runs the nation. ARRRRAAAGGGHHH!!!

Our money, his ego.

Neo Conservative said...

justin's family trust, which has subsidised his entire post high school life, winds up next year.

seems daddy dearest dealt it out in bits because he felt his boys might go ape if they got it all at once.

justin represents one of quebec's poorest ridings, with which he has nothing in common. might explain why, as an mp, he had one of the worst attendance records in the house of commons.

spoiled rich kid... always got what he wanted... sees it as his due.

bad news for the rest of us, unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........I know the answer but I am posing the question because it should be asked. Who did the trudeau family sell their oil company to and who arranged it??????.

Neo Conservative said...

trudeau, a lawyer & entrepreneur, sold his business to champlain oil for $1 million while remaining with champlain as its general manager.

interestingly, he was a strong supporter of the conservative party.

died at 48... his wife blamed it on too much drinking & smoking with business associates.


Anonymous said...

neo, you forgot to mention the 52 million dollars and the petro Canada deal.

Neo Conservative said...

well, anon... grampa trudeau died in the 1930's so i'm not sure what you're referring to.

no petro canada back then.