14 November 2015

The Emperor's New Clothiers

"CBC has all but shutdown their comment sections. Apparently, no one has any faith in our dear leader."

"Comments are taking over an hour to get approved."
Meanwhile, on the diplomatic front, it appears as though Stephane "Mumbles" Dion is still having trouble with his English... earnestly offering up, you know... "support of many kinds"... just not the kind that involves actual combat.

Regarding Justin Trudeau's decision to withdraw Canadian air-support from the Kurdish Peshmerga (the only really effective opposition to ISIS currently in Syria) Dion trips over his weasel words...
"This is the aim of what we are doing. It's not to withdraw. To the contrary: It's to be more effective."
Stephane... I'm pretty sure the phrase "more effective" doesn't mean what you think it means.

I'm guessing the Kurds would choose "smart bombs" over "smarmy" all day long.


UPDATE: This just in from...

...the Little Mosque on the Rideau...
A senior official in Trudeau’s office said Saturday that the attacks have not changed the prime minister’s mind when it comes to ending Canada’s participation in the U.S.-led bombing mission against ISIL.

The official, speaking on background, said the government also still intends to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees.
What will Justin do if France invokes NATO’s Article 5, which requires all alliance members to come to the defence of any member that is attacked?


UPDATE2: And then there were two?justin's special friends


Frances said...

So the Liberals are offering "all aid short of actual help". Typical of them.

fernstalbert said...

The "inconvenient truth" is that the Liberals and NDP would rather deal with climate fear mongering than deal with the death that stalks people who are alive today. Gutless wonders - its all about the expense account, red wine, Kobe beef and exotic locations. It is a rather delicious irony that the Climate Hand Wringers are going to have their gab fest interrupted by Muslim terrorists. They would rather tax than fight.

Anonymous said...

The cbc comment board has become a farce. One line zingers still trashing harper are the norm. try posting a comment that has any semblance of trudeau critic, you're in the waiting queue forever. this has become way to obvious. such an embarrassing national news organization. The Rebel should have received that 150 mil

Neo Conservative said...

despite the fact that at least one of the homicidal paris jihadis was a deliberate isis plant, justin will apparently not back down on bringing 25,000 unvetted individuals to canada.

so, i'm just waiting for that inevitable nail bomb at the subway junction at yonge & bloor.

blind AND stupid.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says........If there is a similar attack in Canada, I hope the people of Canada will have the courage to remove any politician, physically if necessary, from parliament immediately after any such attack.

Neo Conservative said...

wreck'it ralph, the public safety minister says we're all good... so make way for your 25,000 yuletide stocking stuffers.

i'm sure they're already working on some "stephen harper did it p.r. campaign for when the first nail bomb explodes.