15 November 2015

News by the numbers

Ralph Goodale takes a page from Mad Magazine...

"What, me worry?"
First, a little background...
The Islamic State extremist group said in a statement posted online that the attacks were launched in retaliation for France's involvement in the air campaign against ISIS militants.
Now, add in a little Librano spin...
After briefing with top security officials, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said there are no present concerns of an increased risk of a terror attack on Canadian soil.
Hey, what's that at the bottom of the same article... a nugget that perhaps eluded Mr G.?
The Department of National Defence said that two of Canada's CF-18 Hornets successfully struck an ISIS compound and two separate ISIS fighting positions Friday near the Iraqi city of Ramadi.
But I'm sure everything will be fine... 'cos Ralphie said so.

Of course, he also said this...
Goodale said that the Liberal government still intends to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees in the country before the end of the year. He said that all of the refugees will still face the necessary security and health checks before they will be brought to Canada.

"There can be no compromise on the quality of the security work, it must be done and it must be done properly."
Wait a minute...
"So, in order to get the checks done before Christmas, CSIS will need 200 people working 24/7 with no breaks for sleep."
"It takes 3 to 6 months for the RCMP to screen a Canadian citizen for a firearms PAL. That's for a CDN citizen with a lifetime of history in this country."


Neo Conservative said...

update: note that justin is refusing to take a position on backing off on his jihadi-friendly agenda...

"Trudeau wouldn’t say if he was reconsidering whether to withdraw Canadian military aircraft from the fight against the Islamic State, or change the controversial anti-terrorism Bill C-51, which was introduced by the Conservative government and provided intelligence services with more powers."

he's leaving it to wreckit ralph and steffi to say that they're holding fast... leaving himself the option to do a quick 180.

politics as usual... no real change that i can see.