26 November 2015

From our bulging "doomed to repeat it" files

Say, Professor Obama...

doomed to repeat itRefresh my memory... how exactly did that "Pilgrim" thing work out for the folks already living in the neighborhood?


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...with none of those annoying IQ points...

“I know that if I’m sitting here as Prime Minister, it has very little to do with my last name.”
Oh my gawd... you vainglorious twit.

Your surname is the only reason you're not down on your knees degreasing the fry station at your local McDonalds.


Bill Elder said...

I don't recall the part of the Mayflower saga where the "pilgrims" were transported to America, fed clothed, housed and supported at the expense of the natives.

BTW- isn't Prez Obongo appropriating Pilgrim religious culture and making a false equivalence between a true religion of peace?

Neo Conservative said...

i'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess there'll be fewer "welcome to the neighborhood" pig roasts than usual.

and, oh yeah... your daughters don't like to wear shorts in the summer, do they?