18 November 2015

Parkas, maybe a little Powerpoint?

What's our "soft-power PM" gonna "whip out" now?religion of rest in pieces

"France's ambassador to Canada, Nicolas Chapuis said Sajjan assured him that Canada would remain a part of the coalition against ISIS, even as the Liberal government looks to move ahead with its campaign promise to wind down the country's participation in airstrikes."
Maybe Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan misheard the Prime Minister promising a "robust" response.

I'm guessing Justin actually said he was thinking of sending "robots." That way, nobody gets hurt... right?

In any case, it sounds as though Chapuis has Trudeau's number...
"We'll see when the decisions are taken, we'll see if it needs further consultation."
I'll bet we will.


UPDATE: If you voted Liberal...

...the nail bombs start going off at Yonge-Bloor subway station... you best keep your "flower-power" piehole outta my face...religion of rest in pieces
The arrests come after an ISIS terrorist bragged about how easy it was to smuggle thousands of covert jihadists into Europe under the guise of being a desperate refugee.

The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had made it into western nations, hidden among innocent refugees.
What about the jihadis who are already here?


Bill Elder said...

You're doing better than I can if you can decipher the vacuous incongruent policy zingers that come out of the ManBoyWig.

Neo Conservative said...

here's everything you need to know about prime minister care bear...

"While the dead and wounded were still being counted in Paris,
Trudeau the younger was posing for selfies at a G20 conference."


Rich said...

Complete cluster fudge on every level,yet the selfies continue.
The message to him internationally is.......whatchoo doin' fool?
But does Justine get it,not one sentence, not one word...nothing, and he is completely immune to logic.
Not only do we have an out of touch doofus ,living in his head in some kumbayaland, he places his concern for the rest of the world above that of the Canadians he was elected to SERVE!
Get the damn hook!

Neo Conservative said...

justin's such an intellectual lightweight i was expecting regular gaffes... but he just seems determined to go down in flames.

this syrian refugee thing... 25,000 chances for it to blow up in his face... but apparently, he's willing to die on this particular idealogical hill.


Rich said...

I want to be there for the political eulogy. ASAP please.

Frances said...

The real problem, Neo, is that the bombs won't go off anywhere near the elites. It will be me and thee - shopping for groceries, an evening out with the spouse, or just taking the kids out to see the lights - who will be hit. Am a bit sensitive about this, as had family at the BC Legislature for Canada day when those two converts thought pressure cooker bombs would e a good idea.

Neo Conservative said...

frances... way back when, i found i had been uneasy about city life for a while and told my wife we weren't putting my son into school in toronto. if he missed kindergarden, well too bad, i had major doubts about urban living.

anyway... it all worked out and we got our 60 rural acres and he got a school where urdu wasn't the language of the playground.

our first week here, the twin towers got hit. i've been waiting for the other shoe to drop ever since. well, england had the tube bombings and lee rigby... spain and france both got hit. africa experiences dozens of wars simutaneously, russia is a quasi-criminal mess. italy and greece will sooon be majority muslim countries with denmark and sweden to follow. france will end up burning to the ground. china, well... fuck china.

winter is coming, as they say. iran fooled hussein obama and now they're accumulating nuclear material again. justin is importing an unvetted fifth column.

my advice... jock up or bug out.

the bombs will go off in the cities. find a rural property and build a new life. don't be caught in the coming shitstorm.