24 November 2015

Is your safety and security...

...dependent on Liberals calling audibles & gadget plays?do you believe in magic?Of course, the headline is a little misleading as it says nothing about the 15,000 refugees being admitted in the eight weeks after Christmas.

The government will prioritize complete families, women at risk, and members of the LGBT community. Single men will only be allowed to come to Canada if they identify as LGBT or are accompanying their parents as part of a family unit.
Ooh, there's some tough love. But wait, Coach Justin has called a double-reverse. The priority categories do not apply to the suddenly split-off group of 10,000 'privately sponsored' refugees.

"Privately sponsored" single men (and I predict an inexplicably sharp rise in the number of self declared gay Muslim men) will still be allowed to come to Canada like any other refugee... which renders the proviso above totally moot (and, incidentally, intentionally deceptive).

The one thing this proviso seems to do is shift responsibility for all the single men onto their private sponsors. I guess that if one of these guys blows himself up on the steps of Parliament, you will have to bring civil suit against the United Church and all the other private sponsors. Who says Pierre-lite doesn't have a certain animal cunning?

I guess that particular obfuscation will be enough of a climbdown to appease the media and the average low-information voter.

What we do know now is that 10,000 refugees will arrive between December 1 and Christmas. Given civil service 8 hour days (even with no lunches or coffee breaks) that means 416 persons per day will have to pass security and medical screening. 15,000 won’t arrive in Canada until the end of February and will now be screened at the rate of 375 per day. Of course, there's the outliers who have presumably been screened with the same magic wand that apparently don't count.
Officials said 102 Syrian refugees have arrived since Nov. 4, which is when they started the clock on the commitment. The 3,089 resettled between July 2013 and Nov. 3 did not count toward the total.
Fwiw, meeting the pre-Christmas deadline means clearing a refugee every 1.15 minutes. On the end of February deadline that's been stretched out to 1.28 minutes.

Feeling safer yet? Just don't turn on your tv.


Lorne Russell said...

Even if there are no ISIS sleepers amongst the 25,000 this is going to be an utter disaster for Justin and his boy scout troop. Governments can't run a hot dog stand but expect to import 25,000 desert dwellers in the middle of a Canadian winter and adequately house, cloth, feed, and provide religious and other services to ensure the refugees are content. Does Justin expect the refugees to stay locked indoors for 6 months until the snow melts?

Won't happen. Immigration lawyers are licking their chops. Pass the popcorn.

Rich said...

And now ...Mr T backs down on the DEC 31 date....remember the firm, carved in stone, immoveable, confirmed date of Dec 31.
The goof refused all opportunities to back down ...in addition didn't he make the promise BEFORE he was officially the PM?
When there was no reason to make a firm date in the first place, then he doubled down every time suggestions to change the date were made, and he refused to even consider altering the plan, one has to wonder about what goes on between his ears.
Also, why the hell would he make a firm commitment like that having thought about the problems that might arise for longer than ...oh...10 seconds?
He either did not think or what passes for thought processes are absent.
Canadians elected one of the Muppet characters as PM.
He's just not ready, will never be ready , and is an embarrassment on all fronts. Apart from that..."you go girl!"

Neo Conservative said...

"lorne says... import 25,000 desert dwellers in the middle of a Canadian winter and adequately house, cloth, feed, and provide religious and other services"

the $250,000,000 trudeau has already allocated works out to $10,000 per refugee which won't even cover the cost of a basement apartment in toronto for a year.

this is the start of a decades long, multi-billion dollar welfare scheme... but i guess they'll vote liberal. sunny ways, huh justin?


Frances said...

Let's put it this way, Neo: our charitable donations are seriously headed towards those charities helping homeless Canadians - those for whom the landlords aren't going to be given federal subsidies.

Neo Conservative said...

"francrs says... our charitable donations..."

frances... justin has decided where your involuntary donations aka tax dollars will go for the next few decades... this will be a multi-billion dollar boondoggle your kids and grandkids will have to pay off.


Bill Elder said...

The screening and resettlement deadlines, numbers and feasablity are complete Bravo Sierra - THEY'RE LYING about everything - good.

They can't adequately screen for ISIL operatives
They can't house and support this horde in revenue decline
They Can't possibly do this without a massive security breach
The can't possibly do this on the stated budget

The Spawn is gonna wear this disaster like crap on a sewer worker. For the life of me I can't see what is worth the political or national risk of such insane recklessness and perfidy. This has to be purely ego driven.

Anonymous said...

old white guy asks???????? where are all those people who were yapping about Harper being dictator. It seems now that they have their own dictator in power all is well. Who gives a darn about the destruction of the country with 10's of thousands of muslims, who cares about carbon taxes that will suck the life out of the country, who cares about the massive increase to the deficit and debt, who cares? The answer is not one single moron in Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

"owg says... where are all those people who were yapping about Harper being dictator"

alleged catholic justin won't even sign a candidates nomination papers unless he peomises to vote strictly pro-abortion in the house of commons.

nothing tyrannical or hypocritical about that, huh?


Martin said...

Liberals have already backed down on the first part of Jr's promise, sensibly to be sure, but the second 15,000 portion is set in stone.I wonder. Where exactly was Jr yesterday, and why did he leave the hapless McCallum to explain his rethinking? I think we are seeing a pattern here, he always expects others to cover for him and extract him from very foolish mistakes.
We are still being served a refugee numbers game, with Liberals adamant that the 10 or 15,000 includes absolutely none of the ongoing claims under Harper's government. They would say that, wouldn't they, I suspect Chris Alexander's estimate of 2100 for 2015, plus 5,000 additional promised by PM Harper is very close to the 10,000 McCallum is touting. Seems PM Harper had it correct all along.

Rich said...

The fine comments here can be summed up relative to Mr T's thought processes.

1) Picking Dec 31 in the first place...shows no depth in his thought processes and leads one to believe that YES...this was ego driven or rash.

2) Dec 31 is firm....shows a lack of common sense and any sort of critical thinking and a disturbing "damn the torpedoes" attitude when it is clearly not warranted or advisable.

3)His response to changes suggested for Dec 31 date...reflect an inability to consider anything but his own position...dangerous!

4) Simply changing the date at this point with no explanation as to why it was there in the first place and no apology seems more than just a bit sneaky, it is contemptuous.

5) The lack of proper consideration that was given to his language...the refugees WILL be here by Dec 31.... and his later actions show that has no concern for the use of exact language versus what is an estimate.
This of course is the liberal way...make promises...modify them later as nothing is real/firm in their world ....so we need to believe that nothing promised can be guaranteed to EVER be real...later maybe..... now....meh!

6) He has gone firm on the end of FEB if the reports I read are accurate. If so...that looks awfully like another deadline as opposed to a flexible target date. Do we have an infinite loop here of promises...back downs....more promises and on and on?

Will someone please get the hook.

Neo Conservative said...

it's what the libranos do. justin is just following the script.