17 November 2015

Dear Macleans magazine...

...instead of a cover story glorifying a self-admitted terrorist and murderer, a man who is currently suing Canadians for tens of millions of dollars... might I suggest...

religion of rest in piecesWhat's that... just a little "too real?"

This is why you and the rest of the dead tree media are going bankrupt. The people who want to hear about skateboarding Prime Ministers, the Kardashian sisters or a gentle "redeemed" terrorist have the attention span of a half-starved Jack Russell terrier. Why buy magazine subscriptions when you can get all that Twilight fan-fiction on the internet for free?

So, take your frolicking non-denominational unicorns and your magic "Imagine All the People" fairy dust and pound it up your jihadi-friendly, omni-gendered pleasure portal.

This is the world now.


But, back to Macleans magazine...religion of rest in piecesFor those of you who spent the last month living in a cave in Tora-Bora...

"This week in Maclean’s, Lindhout writes about how this uncommon bond came to be, and how horrific personal tragedies drew these three into a close, unlikely friendship."
Funny, there's not a word about the searing personal tragedy of Tabitha Speer, the widow of the special forces medic Omar Khadr admitted murdering.
"He told the court no one had forced him to change his pleas. When asked if he had killed Speer in 2002, Khadr answered, quietly, "Yes." When asked if it was true that he conspired with Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, he also answered "Yes.""
This puff piece in Macleans is precisely the sort of mushy media narrative that helped install Prime Minister Care Bear.

You truly do deserve the type of government you get.


"The 4th estate has become the 5th column"
There it is.


Bill Elder said...

I think anyone with any cognition an critical thinking capacity sees that the Canadian/US MSM product is not news and information but a self-serving, mostly concocted narrative utilized to create public opinion rather than reflect it. This is done by filtering information and distorting the meaning of the information they do propagate.

Essentially the 4th estate has become the 5th column - many see it and the more politically astute among us have weaned ourselves off any reliance on MSM for information - our number grow daily with each increasingly obvious concocted news cycle.

Social media will fail as the next public information media source because it is not adapted to transmit more complex ideas or in-depth reports. I see E-zines, alternative news aggregates, streaming podcasts and blogs as the coming media titans. Rebel media and free domain radio are leading the charge here.

Probably the greatest contribution to sustainable natural resources ever made will be when the pulp media go extinct.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... the 4th estate has become the 5th column"

there it is... tight, lucid and coherent.