22 November 2015

My Melting Pot Overfloweth

Molenbeek, er... Hamtramck, USA... coming soon to a Liberal enclave near you...sharia city?

Ibrahim Algahim, a political activist in the Yemeni community spoke at a victory celebration... What he said at that meeting might disturb some in the community.

“Today, we showed the Polish and everybody else that we are united.”
Yep, Ibrahim... you showed 'em...
At last week’s city council meeting, several residents of the Hamtramck Senior Plaza apartments on Holbrook complained about the volume level of the call to prayer coming from the Ideal Islamic Center, located across from the apartment complex.
I don't imagine that header image in the local paper will last too much longer.


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Muslim community activist Kamal Rahman encourages other Muslims to watch their language, because it can seem threatening.

“It sends the wrong message. If I were white, I would feel scared,” he said.

LAST WORD: A Molenbeek primer


Dollops said...

"If I were White, I would feel scared." Sadly, he is right. Whitey is so wussified by political correctness that we are afraid even to show righteous anger. When anger and self-defence are not considered "acceptable" then all we have left is sullen resentment and fear.

Neo Conservative said...

the town of hamtramck was once the home of dodge main, one of the largest car assembly plants in the world, the quintessential american manufacturing towns.

now, it is the canary in the coal mine... an outpost of islam in a financially depressed area that will show us what the future is bringing.

we all know what "white flight" did to detroit proper. not sure a medieval cultural idealogy is what is called for here. apparently, though, hussein obama & pierre-lite are.


Anonymous said...

This story puts me in mind of a couple of things we’ve seen here in the demented dominion –

First I recall all Christian churches being told to silence their steeple bells on Sundays and religious holidays because the noise exceeded city DB limits and it disturbed non religious people who like to sleep in then go shopping on Sunday – that was over 2 decades ago when Multicult was just a glint in a radical commie’s eye - fair enough, non Christians don’t like noise in the morning on their hangover day. Do you think the same restrictions will be shown to Islamic cat calling over loud speakers from Mosque minarets 5 times a day?

All I can say is those screeching outdoor bull horns in commercial edifices sure made a dandy target for impromptu midnight marksmanship contests by delinquents in the past, and owners got sick of replacing them so those annoying commercial messages in mall and shopping center parking lots (and surrounding neighborhoods) disappeared. Will Islamists be as prudent?

As for Hamtrack going under local caliphate control, we have to look at Bosnia where the Muslim majority denied full political representation to the Christian minority – how did things turn out with that medieval social policy? I agree there will be some "white flight" as the Can-Am caliphate progresses in the new rustbelt areas of north America, but the majority of the host culture haven't the means to relocate, so I anticipate some ugly culture clashes as Ismalist belligerence pushes the bounds of host culture tolerance. A reactionary leftist government will go on an "Islamophobia" witch hunt that amounts to a soviet era social purge - then things will get really crazy.

Not a doubt in my mind these globalist-Marxist Liberals in the US and Canada are enlisting radical intolerant Islamist migration to aid in subjugating and disempowering the "old stock" domestic culture, so they can construct a single party state and a parallel sharia rule of law overseen by their caliphate allies.

It's happened in other older more civilized counties, what makes us think it will give us a miss?

Neo Conservative said...

people will be wishing for the good old days under stephen harper before this is over... mark my words.