21 November 2015

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...the Trojan Horse...religion of rest in pieces

Lesbos (Greece) (AFP) - As the hunt for jihadists widens after last week's Paris attacks, authorities in Greece warn it was virtually impossible to pick out dangerous extremists among arriving migrants, without prior intelligence.

It's a seemingly detailed security check, but jihadists have already proven they can bypass it with ease.

Those looking to give the police the slip can also obtain fake Greek documents, with criminal syndicates doing a brisk business in supplying migrants with fake papers and police registration documents.

A gang of suspected forgers, most of them Pakistanis, were arrested on Lesbos on Wednesday.

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Canada will be bringing in 6,300 refugees a week. But, don't worry, there's a stringent security screening process...
"For anyone who's curious, over an eight hour day, that's admitting 1.875 refugees per minute... assuming nobody takes lunch, coffee breaks or goes to the bathroom."

UPDATE: My "melting pot" overfloweth...
Belgium raised the alert status for its capital Brussels to the highest level on Saturday, shutting the metro and warning the public to avoid crowds due to a “serious and imminentthreat of an attack.

The last time any part of the country was put on maximum alert was in May 2014 when a gunman shot dead four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels. At that time, Jewish schools, synagogues and other institutions were put on level four.
In other "Religion of Peace" news...religion of rest in piecesHow does Justin Trudeau's potential fifth column sound now?


Martin said...

The time alloted for security vetting will be similar to the actual time spent with a Doctor in todays medical setup. Speaking of which, wait times at TO Emergency and Health clinics are about to get much, much worse as these migrants queue up for health benefits.

Neo Conservative said...

our overloaded healthcare system cannot sustain 25,000 new freeloading recipients who have never seen adequate care before in their lives.

i pay my dental myself... but justin will give them freebies? unbelievable.


Bill Elder said...

Gee thanks for the reminder Neo, I have to sell my seasons tickets to the local CFL venue.

Neo Conservative said...

bill... certainly something to consider. the beardy-weirdies will definitely be targeting live performance venues like roy thomson hall, the mirvish theatres and the rogers center. because of the live tv coverage, professional sports events are especially inviting targets.

the subway, the rom, eaton center and the cn tower are most certainly on their wish list as well.

my guess is they are also actively researching how to introduce biological weapons into the food chain... (ie, contaminate a vat at a large brewery, or the industrial concern that manufactures tampons or toothpaste).

iran has shrugged off obama's rules on nuclear centrifuges and is adding to their 10,000kg stockpile of enriched uranium as we speak. even without a proper nuclear trigger thay can make "dirty bombs" all day long... and make major north american cities uninhabitable for decades.

the islamic fundamentalists have clearly indicated that they are coming for us. they have no fear of death, as their gawd, pbuh, has given them carte blanche to murder infidels.

maybe after isis turns toronto into raqqa, our government will start to fight back. my advice, move to a rural area which is less likely to turn into a combat zone.

or you can simply bow down to your new islamic overlords by reciting the shahada.

we know which route justin al-trudeau prefers.