07 November 2015

Gotta have priorities...

...and let's face it... kids with cerebral palsy don't vote...

"OHIP is refusing to pay for the costly surgery because an Ontario specialist hasn’t signed off on it."
Gotta be fiscally responsible, right?

So how exactly did Ms. Wynne's Liberals managed to find an extra 70 million dollars a year for IVF to solve the "plague" of social infertility affecting Ontario lesbians.


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I'm not so sure about all this "real change"...
A New Jersey school district is facing backlash after an eighth-grade teacher gave her pupils an assignment to consider what they would do if they got drunk, had a one night stand, and contracted herpes, an incurable sexually transmitted disease.


L said...

Save my grand child!!!!!!

Neo Conservative said...

"l says... Save my grand child!!!!!!"

i don't know what that means, but when the liberal government can decide to take in 25,000 foreign, non-english speaking refugees who follow a hostile idealogy... based solely on the picture of one dead child halfway around the world... we are indeed down the rabbit hole.

why are ontario liberals spending 70 million dollars on ivf when there are 50,000 canadian children in foster care?

who cares, right?