23 November 2015

And speaking of Gawd...

...and his earthly instruments...toronto terrorism

Thanabalasingam Kanagasabpathy, a director of the Scarborough temple’s governing society said, "The temple is a public facility and anyone could come to pray," adding, "It is not my place to ask their political affiliations. World Tamil Movement people, sometimes they are coming to pray. How can I say don’t come here?”

The WTM’s former spokesman, Nehru Gunaratnam, was photographed at the temple last January, holding a microphone as he addressed the Ontario premier, one of her caucus MPPs and a Toronto city councillor. He then read out the text of an award from the temple, which he handed to the temple president, who gave it to the premier.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........if we can't pronounce someone's name maybe they should not be a part of our society.

Neo Conservative said...

"owg says... maybe they should not be a part of our society."

have to disagree here... but if you are an adherent of a group that advocates death for all non-members... that's a dealbreaker for me.


Frances said...

So the Tamils are back.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently, frances... the tamils never went away and they are impressively wired into the provincial political system.

and they took a shot federally too.

tamil, tamil... that sounds so familiar.


Bill Elder said...

Tamil temple, Tamil, Tamil, hmm rings a bell -

"TORONTO—A member of the Tamil Tigers who was allegedly sent to Toronto to run the Sri Lankan guerrilla group’s Canadian front organization has been ordered deported for terrorism, according to documents filed in the Federal Court.

The government has been trying to deport Manickavasagam Suresh since 1995, when he was first arrested in Toronto. The case was thought to have languished but last week the case reappeared on the court docket."


Neo Conservative said...

as long as these "terrorists" can organise massive voting blocks they'll be welcomed by the politicians. their influence will grow as their birth rates continue to outstrip so-called "old stock" canadians who are not even having that replacement level 2.1 kids.

europe is doomed, north america is barely making the 2.1 grade.

unless there are drastic changes, the new caliphate is an inevitability.