01 May 2008

The wisdom of Daphne Shaw Dyck

I mean... it's not like he's killed anybody lately...

“I have come here to search for God and to start a new life because I got to know the word of God and then I left it and I have gone through all these problems,” he told border officers last September, according to transcripts included in the refugee board decision.
The truly mind-boggling part of this story... is that there could possibly be anybody to the far freakin' wacky left of the British Columbia NDP...
B.C.'s Opposition New Democrats also raised concerns about the case, calling on the provincial government to urge Ottawa to “keep admitted killers of B.C.'s streets.”
Ya think? Really?



Crazymamma said...

As a very devout Christian I can categorically state that you will be forgiven of your sins, if you seek forgiveness of the Lord our father and truly repent, B U T that counts when you are a rotting festering mass of tissue. On this earthly plain? You do the crime = you get your ass kicked, perhaps he can give you the inner peace and the ability to take it with humble grace.....Jesus was big on consequences here on earth.

Neo Conservative said...

sweet jebus in heaven... so, in bc, according to the irb anyway, the first four murders are deductible?


Anonymous said...

Mike PROBABLY said "“keep admitted killers OFF of B.C.'s streets.” Off-of hey close enough for the G&M

Naturally the G&M only reported the 3rd part of the story. Here's all 3 parts
(1) Surrey killer sitting on the freedom fence
... http://dustmybroom.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3557&Itemid=5
(2) Surrey killer gets freedom
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(3) It takes a killer in your backyard
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