04 May 2008

The Sunni side of the street

As reprehensible as the HRC hearings can be... don't fool yourself, it could always be worse.

-- MOSUL, Iraq, May 4 (Reuters) -- Gunmen shot dead an Iraqi reporter on Sunday after hauling her out of a taxi in Mosul, a notoriously violent city in northern Iraq where journalists are often targeted and live in fear of their lives.

Police said Serwa Abdul-Wahab, in her mid-30s, was on her way to work when gunmen forced her out of a taxi in east Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad, and shot her in the head.
Aren't these the guys Taliban Jack wants to sit and negotiate with?

Hey... I'm good with that.

The government needs help with his plane fare... I'm in.

And speaking of unapologetic turncoats...
"I wonder if Jack Layton, apparently auditioning for chief eunuch of the new caliphate, even read the dossier of Maclean's systemic Islamophobia before giving Elmo the tongue bath."


Anonymous said...

"The CPJ said in a report last week that Iraq had the world's worst record of solving murders of journalists, with 79 unsolved."

HA! I LOVE that line. Really, you actually have to GIVE A SHIT in order to solve the murder.

If I were an Iraqi policeman I'd walk out & yell "Hey who murdered the journalist?" When nobody answered I walk back in the police station & shrug "Sorry chief - no leads."