12 May 2008

I can't wait for Dalton McGuinty...

To introduce the TeleCop program...

"When you have a general health question and nowhere to turn, call Telehealth Ontario," the website promises. "Within minutes your questions will be answered, providing you with peace of mind."
Or we could take some of those taxpayer billions and train a few more doctors and nurses.

I'm just sayin'.


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Wants to "buy the world a coke."
"Turning Ontario's vanishing blue-collar manufacturing jobs into stable, well-paying "green-collar" employment in the emerging green economy should be central to poverty-proofing the province, says a new report."
Yeah, Dalton... get out that magic 'green' pixie dust
General Motors Corp., said Monday it would close its Windsor, Ont., transmission factory in 2010 after its current production mandates are finished, leaving as many as 1,400 people out of work.

This is the second major cutback announced by GM in less than a month. On April 28, the automaker said it would cut a shift at its Oshawa pickup plant, eliminating 900 jobs.


langmann said...

I love the "tele-health" system. Everytime patients tell me they call it, the nurse or whatever on the other end just tells them to either see their physician or come to Emergency.

Talk about a waste.

Neo Conservative said...

another "make-believe" solution from the guy who now charges a thousand bucks a pop for ohip.