08 May 2008

Crack in the World

Hang on a second... since when did any of these guys start bandying the truth about?

-- NATPOST -- I also sensed agreement that Ontario human rights commissioner Barbara Hall had overplayed her hand with her creepy April communiqué demanding more censorship powers for her provincial outfit.

One of the CJC delegates went further, pointedly declaring that human-rights commissions had become dumping grounds for political hacks without the skills to make it in truly merit-based jobs. He had the air of a man whose dream was being stifled by bad execution.
It's usually such fuzzy-bunny, 'buy the world a coke' horseshit...

Feeling dizzy... must... get... air.


UPDATE: It got Ezra's attention too
Good lord. The CJC said this to reporters? I'm surprised that Kay, a reader's editor, a newsman's newsman, hasn't outed the CJC staffer who said such things. Was it an off-the-record meeting?

I wonder how that admission will affect the CJC's case before the Canadian Human Rights Commission right now. The CJC is an intervenor.

If they're conceding that the CHRC is incompetent, isn't that legally relevant?

LAST WORD: Everybody say hello to Barbara Hall


Anonymous said...

If anything is creepy, it is Barbara herself. (real conservative)

Crazymamma said...


Barbra, I don't have the jurisdiction, but I'm goona get me it so I'll pronounce you guilty now, Hall may be just a political Hack appointee???

Perish the thought.