24 August 2019

Once again, Toronto shooters use...

..."cloak of invisibility" to perpetrate ghastly crime...

insert alt text hereCome for the shopping, stay for the firefight.

"Investigators are still trying to determine what may have led to the shooting. The only description put out by police is that they’re looking for three individuals that were in a dark vehicle."

"Police Chief Mark Saunders says one of the victims 'has a history of gun violence' and has twice served time for firearms-related offences."

“We are trying to get information out of the victims and no one is cooperating.”
Yes, it's a mystery. The usual knuckleheads.

UPDATE: And Inspector Clouseau wept...
Police have since obtained surveillance from the area that shows two groups shooting at each other, Const. Scott Mills said. "It is still unclear if the shooting was gang-related, but the guns and gangs squad is investigating."

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The Conservative government wants to bring in a series of escalating minimum jail terms of up to 10 years for gun crimes, targeted especially at offences committed with restricted weapons or by gang members.

But Toews faced a combined opposition of Liberal, Bloc Québécois and NDP MPs at the justice committee — who have already watered down the government's bid to restrict conditional sentences, including house arrest.

LAST WORD: Smarter Volk than I...insert alt text here
"But how will Ralph Goodale chase down Nazis running rampant in Canada, if we get rid of the RCMP?"