30 August 2019

Infamous mental institution that keeps...

...losing track of, uh... "not criminally responsible" clients, rewriting manuals to deal with "cultural relativity"...insert alt text here

“A lot of people don’t even know what a psychologist is in South Asia. It’s a concept that you derive from North American values,” said Ahmad, who is also of South Asian descent.
What's this called in Mogadishu... "a double-double?"
What is known is that police responded to 911 calls reporting Abdi grabbing women’s breasts inside a Hintonburg coffee shop.
CBC posits who the real victim is here.

And remember this "treatment plan?"
Unstable enough to be locked up nightly at the Steel City bughouse... but we'll turn him loose daily on a college campus?
Just spitballin' here, but they could start by putting better locks on the doors.

And why are crazy people seen as victims anyway? Russell Williams put on women's underwear and strangled two people... but he's exactly where he belongs.

Remember... we let let this guy walk.