09 August 2019

To paraphrase Jeff Cooper...

...a complicated and expensive solution to a problem that doesn't even exist... homicidal farmers, deer hunters and skeet shooters...insert alt text here

"If we pursue our policy of regulating crime by strictly regulating gun availability to the general public we can reasonably expect that .0023% of our efforts will affect guns used in homicide and 99.997% of our effort will be wasted."
Hey Justin... here's a thought... if this is a magical solution, how about you enact a ban on murder, or even fentanyl?

Oh... wait...


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“My question is do you believe a woman has a right to choose whether or not to defend her own body? And in the manner she chooses? And the government should not interfere with that decision?”

LAST WORD: Ask someone with skin in the game...most wanted
"I think that it is nonsense. I think that it doesn't matter if there's a handgun ban, like street level wise, because they'll get access to the handguns anyways."

"The ban is an overreaction, especially when we know that they'll still be accessing the firearms and it will not deter them from using them."