31 August 2019

Twenty to life in French prison...

...beats day to day existence in savage stone-age country... think about that...insert alt text here

Bus drivers and witnesses chased the knife-wielding suspect as he ran into the Lyon metro station and then cornered him at an outdoor lift after the attack unfolded just before 4.30pm local time on Saturday, local media reported.

The suspect is an Afghan asylum seeker who was not known to the police or intelligence services, BFM TV reported.
Live and don't learn.


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Kristianstadsbladet reports...
The Swedish municipality of Hässleholm, which took in nearly 3,000 asylum seekers in three years, faces an economic crisis as up to 80 per cent remain on welfare.

Hässleholm has at least 100 migrants who are illiterate and another 200 with very poor educational backgrounds, saying, “It will in principle be impossible to get them to work.”