19 August 2019

"It’s Canada’s problem now."

Let's turn this over to the folks who gave Omar Khadr
10.5 million taxpayer dollars...insert alt text here

"A diplomatic source said the Canadian government had ‘gone berserk’ at the decision to remove Letts’s UK citizenship because he had ‘very little to do with Canada’."
Jihadi Jack... coming soon to a neighborhood near you.


UPDATE: Canada pulls out the "soft power"...
Ralph Goodale’s office is claiming that by stripping Jihadi Jack of his citizenship, the Brits have “off-loaded their responsibilities.” His office added that “Canada is disappointed.”
Oh, Ralphie, you're a tiger.


LAST WORD: Ol' Jack is gonna fit right in...most wanted
If Toronto Community Housing would like to rid itself of its gun and gangs problem, it need look no further than their parking lots.

The subsidized housing facility is packed with luxury high-end vehicles — Mercedes and BMWs worth upwards of $70,000 — and they all have authorized TCH parking permits in a community where the average household income is $18,000.

It’s not news to residents that undesirables in the community have pimped-out rides with questionable means by which they were purchased.