17 August 2019

Aging politician living life-long lie...

...apparently suddenly decides he needs a little public affirmation... and the MSM eats it up...insert alt text hereI once worked with a guy, whose every waking moment was dedicated to ensuring that everyone he came in contact with... each and every day... knew that he really, really liked dick.

Yeah, you heard me... dick... as in penis.

Despite this campaign, or more likely because of it, I actually knew nothing non-sex-related about this guy's day to day life.

What I do know is that every one of his professional peers was thoroughly sick and tired about knowing what he did with his genitals. Had he been hetero and so "in your face" with his proclivities, I'm damned sure H.R. would've been called in lickety-split.

This being the fabulous 90's we all just put up with it.

So here's a thought, bro. Go ahead and tell your family or friends and let them celebrate your newly found "specialness"... but unless anybody else expresses an actual & specific interest, maybe keep it in your metaphorical harem pants.

Because we really, really don't care.