25 August 2019

The good news is...

...nobody got carded...insert alt text hereHomicide #41.

Homicide Det. Sgt. Terry Browne told reporters at the scene that the victim is a 46-year-old man from Toronto. Police believe there was a large party with
at least 100 people in the area
when the shooting happened.

"What's extremely disturbing to myself and our officers is that not a single person contacted us," said Browne.
UPDATE: Victim id'd as Alexis Charles, 46.


"Two people have been injured in a daylight shooting on Tree Sparroway near Leslie Street and Finch Avenue just before 3 p.m. Sunday."
And then there's this...
Toronto Police say a bag left behind in a ride-share vehicle contained a loaded handgun. Kingsley Dowrin and Vanessa Cosentino, both 19, face various firearms-related charges.

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Twin 18-year-old Scarborough brothers have been charged after a man was allegedly beaten unconscious by strangers with baseball bats.

LAST WORD: Diversity is our streng...

...sweet baby jebus...
A man has been arrested after a 16-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted twice in a downtown park.