15 August 2019

"Intelligence led," huh...

...as opposed to that timeworn "throwing darts at random mugshots" strategy you've been using up 'til now?insert alt text here

- TORONTO - A recent influx of cash from all three levels of government will be used to fund an intelligence-led, 11-week policing project aimed at curbing gang activity in Toronto, the force’s chief said Wednesday.

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Perhaps Toronto cops can take inspiration from their British brothers-in-blue...

insert alt text here
"We want to promote being knife free by using custom chicken boxes to deliver the message and start conversations amongst all of our customers."

Policing minister Kit Malthouse hoped that the boxes will illustrate the "tragic consequences" of carrying a knife while challenging the "the idea that it makes you safer".
And cries of "racism" rang throughout the land...
"Amid the polarizing debate over the chicken boxes on Thursday, a man was stabbed outside the Home Office headquarters in London and the building was placed on lockdown as armed officers arrived."

LAST WORD: Like they'll go after the trigger-pullers...
As a Toronto Cop friend of mine said this morning —
"13 people shot this weekend."

"But fortunately no one was carded”.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone really believe that throwing more money at the cops is going to solve anything?

Neo Conservative said...

apparently they believe that getting
rid of TAVIS and the "black gangs
& guns unit"
was a move in the
right direction.