21 August 2019

Chastened Mexican Drug Cartel...

... apologises to uber-woke Toronto politician... promises to just "use their words" in future narcotics disputes...insert alt text here

"The suspected Mob-related shooters that gunned down a Roncesvalles Ave. restaurateur last week didn’t have to use a gun if they wanted to deliver a message, Mayor John Tory insists."
Problem solved. Right?

Well... maybe not...
TORONTO - "A suspect wanted in connection with the investigation has been described by officers as a black male in his early 20s, who was wearing glasses, had short hair and was wearing a shirt with the word “Versace” written on the front of it."


Jay Harper said...

They need to set up chalk board in all those basketball courts so they can message each other. You're welcome.
I want $0.25 for every shooting my idea prevents.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently john tory has magical
powers. maybe he can ask all the
inner city gangbangers to hug it
out instead of murdering each