02 July 2019

Not talking about lacrosse or chess

Toronto Police Chief assures residents they are safe if they don't indulge in "questionable" activities... which is technically the truth. But a better question might be...

"Who exactly is doing the, uh... indulging?"insert alt text hereIf you're thinking there's an ethnic component to Hogtown's latest round of murders & maimings... you'd be right. The five T-dot homicides over the last few days... not a Mayflower descendant among them.

I see local media is also giving huge airplay to the father of one of the "Danforth Shooting" victims calling for stricter gun laws.most wantedThe shooter obtained his handgun illegally, no doubt through gang contacts in the Thornecliffe Park welfare hellhole... so I fail to see what new laws would accomplish. You want to stop illegal guns... beef up border controls.

Hmmm... Faisal Hussain, like your garden variety gangbangers & terrorists, apparently used a stolen handgun. Maybe Council can make those weapons "super double illegal."

Police discovered a cache of ammunition underneath Faisal Hussain’s bed, including loaded magazines for an AK-47 rifle, two fully loaded 9mm handgun magazines, and a variety of loose ammunition.

Conspiracy theory videos about 9/11 were also found, newly unsealed police documents revealed.
Of course, we can't actually crack down on Toronto "trigger pullers" because... racism.

So let's go after perfectly legal hunters, farmers & sport shooters. Which solves nothing.