12 July 2019

Not so happy holidays

Another destination struck off the vacation list...

"As the FBI probes deaths of American tourists in the Dominican Republic, Global News has learned
28 Canadians died there so far in 2019.

Data obtained by Global News from Global Affairs shows an average of 39 Canadians died each year in the Dominican Republic over the past decade."


TheTooner said...

I wonder how many of those 39 Canadians are of Canadian origin (tourists) and how many are of Dominican Republic origin visiting relatives, perhaps including a few elderly and gone home to run out the clock amongst extended family. Do we have many immigrants from there?

Neo Conservative said...

given what's been in the media about
u.s. tourist deaths, i'd say the
numbers are still very concerning.

if folks really looked at say, the
murder rate in jamaica, nobody
would ever vacation anywhere near