30 July 2019

There's a reason we give cops...

...all that artillery & kevlar underoos...insert alt text here

Two women who volunteered for an anti-violence group trying to stop gun violence in Chicago were among those shot to death in weekend violence.

Chantell Grant and Andrea Stoudemire were working as peacekeepers at a corner in Englewood on Friday night when they were shot dead after someone opened fire from an SUV.
In this case, "working as peacekeepers" can be translated as "slaughtered like tethered goats."
Members of the group had vowed four years ago to take back the corner and keep it safe for women and children after a previous murder there.
I imagine Chicago Homicide is busily rounding up local farmers, hunters and skeet shooters as we speak.

MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH:insert alt text here
Police are asking for the public’s assistance after a “sharp spike” in gunfire near the city’s Lawrence Heights neighbourhood over the last two weeks.

According to Toronto police, emergency crews responded to seven separate shootings in and around the community since July 15.