25 July 2019

Say, Justin... are you sure about...

...sending these knuckleheads to "Not a Terrorist Anymore University"...insert alt text here

"An Indonesian husband and wife who had taken part in a government-sponsored deradicalization program are believed to be the masterminds of a suicide bombing of a Roman Catholic cathedral in the southern Philippines earlier this year that killed more than 20 people."
Let's be specific... I mean these knuckleheads.


COMPARE & CONTRAST: The $10,000,000 Question
"Imagine if you will: teenaged white kids are caught up in some skinhead group. Their parents are neo-nazis as well. Dad and the boys head out to Zimbabwe to fight Mugabe. Dad is killed, and the boyos are wounded and captured."

"How many Toronto Star editorials would be written to get the kids back to Canada?"

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A 37-year-old Ajax man, Sajjad Wadiwalla, is facing numerous charges after a submachine gun, silencers, handguns and a quantity of cocaine and pills was allegedly seized in a drug raid on his home on Thursday.

LAST WORD: Hey, a vote is a vote...
According to Trudeau, ISIS fighters can be an extraordinarily powerful voice in Canada.