22 July 2019

Too many Chiefs, not enough, uh...

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Driving down Highway 401 in southern Ontario, with the FM dial tuned to 87.9, the 1990s-era rap music fades into an ad, offering a free joint with every purchase over $20 between midnight and 4:20 a.m. at the Pot Shoppe.

"Don't forget, we have free coffee for the driver and our famous Pot Shoppe slushies at half-price for the passenger," the ad says. "THC-infused slushies — just a little more brain freeze."

At last count there were over 4 dozen pot shops on the Rez. If aboriginal cops don't enforce the law of the land... what do they do all day?

The Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte band council did not respond to an interview request.

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"The ONLY legal quality-controlled source of cannabis in Canada is through provincially or territorially authorized distributors and retailers or federally licensed sellers that have the authorization of their health care practitioner to access cannabis for medical purposes," said Bill Blair's spokesperson, Marie-Emmanuelle Cadieux.

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Who exactly are they serving & protecting?


Craig C said...

I have been visiting Shannonville for over 50 years, the transformation that has taken place in the last 3 years is absolutely incredible. There are new houses, cars, school repairs, recreational facilities, they are on track to have fire hydrants and domestic water delivered to many of tear residents this year. There is virtual full employment, a very vibrant community indeed. They may be breaking some laws, but the incoherent dribble that is now marijuana law in Canada, was clearly done for the stock market, not the pot market. These stores are clean, well stocked and cost effective, they have a self monitoring system for safety, if you screw up you loose customers. The legal shops could learn a lot by a quick visit.

Neo Conservative said...

no doubt that dealing drugs is a
very lucrative business. this
isn't about whether or not you
feel selling weed is right or

it's about the law of the land.

here's my question for you.

should canadian law be applied
differently to people based on
race or ethnicity? is that
right or fair?

where do you draw that line?
spousal abuse? rape? murder?

and your description of a virtual
paradise may not cover all the

"There are currently three times
as many aboriginal children in
foster care as there were in
residential schools."

flooding the rez with dope may
not be the optimum solution...
all i'm saying.


Anonymous said...

Weed is certainly better for the locals than booze and methamphetamines have been.
The other poster is right, ,these dispensaries are a model of how it can and should be done - the quality and variety are excellent, the buying process pleasant and smooth, the prices fair.
And if the Liberals hadn't caked legalization so badly, they wouldn't be operating.

Neo Conservative said...

again... should the law of the land
apply equally to all citizens, or
should race, ethnicity or religion
be allowed to put a thumb on the
scales of justice?