20 July 2019

Your MSM...

...the politician's best friend... even 50 years laterinsert alt text hereIt gets better... by which I mean worse...

Mary Jo Kopechne didn’t drown. She died of suffocation in her own air void. It took her at least three or four hours to die."

"I could have had her out of that car twenty-five minutes after I got the call."

"But he didn’t call," said Fire Captain John N. Farrar, the man who eventually recovered her body.
Fact of life... rich or famous people usually skate.

Just ask O.J.


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Throughout the prime minister’s tenure he has been prone to obfuscate via creative terminology; for example referring to illegal migration as ‘irregular’ and homegrown ISIS terrorists as ‘foreign travellers’.
And, of course they're back for more. It's an election year.

Gotta make hay while the sun shines.