15 July 2019

Shots fired at "Celebration of Bagpipes"...

...no, no... that's not right...insert alt text hereSay, Andrew... are you leaving anything out of your "professional" reporting?

Oh, wait... it's the Toronto Caribbean Music Festival.

UPDATE: Music festival goes Thunderdome

"You cannot cage people in like that because that's what triggered the panic and that's what sparked a lot of the other injuries like people getting trampled, stampeded over," she said. "I know how dangerous these events can be. I moved out of the city because of things like this."

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Two men were wounded in a shooting early Monday in Kensington Market. Meanwhile, a man was shot in Thomson Memorial Park, on Brimley Rd. in Scarborough, around 9:30 p.m. Sunday.
Kensington Market... that sounds so familiar.