16 July 2019

I'm struggling to imagine Plan B

Unstable enough to be locked up nightly at the Steel City bughouse... but we'll turn him loose daily on a college campus?

insert alt text hereWhat could possibly go wrong?

Just spitballin' here, but everybody remotely involved with this rainbow-hued pipedream might just want to beef up their "liability" coverage.

Ontario's top court has upheld a decision allowing a man found not criminally responsible in a knife attack at a Toronto military recruitment centre to take college classes on his own.

The appeal court says the Ontario Review Board considered all the required factors last year in granting Ayanle Hassan Ali, 27, permission to attend Mohawk College unaccompanied while he continues to be held at a secure Hamilton hospital.
Note that the Review Board found Ali continues to pose a significant threat to the public and should be subject to nightly psychiatric lockdown at the Mouse Factory, er... hospital.

Apparently, though... the first few dead or maimed college students are somehow deductible.

UPDATE: Stabby McStabface not heading for college...
According to his psychiatrist, Ali continues to get messages from the Internet and TV that the military is keeping tabs on him and still believes Canadian soldiers are legitimate targets. He still feels it is his obligation to do something about it.

UPDATE2: Inmates running the asylum?
Zhebin Cong’s disappearance and flight out of the country is the second of three instances in two months that a patient with a violent past has failed to return to the country’s largest mental-health hospital.

LAST WORD: The poster boy for bringing back hanging
“The Board is concerned that you might be saying what you think you need to say to be granted parole, rather than accepting total responsibility.”


marc in calgary said...

Neo... do you know what "not criminally responsible" means, in legal speak?
If you're not permitted to state this, no worries.

Neo Conservative said...

not a lawyer, so strictly speaking,
I do not.

what it seems to be used for is to
get certain folk off the hook.

shouldn't anyone who chooses to end a
human life be regarded as insane?

funny how every muslim who chooses
violence towards other human beings
isn't influenced by religion... but
is univerally described as mentally

look at the entire history of the
muslim middle east... it's a serial
epiphany of bloodshed & cruelty.