01 January 2019

The Slaughter by the Water

Next time you see a thug with a gun... try calling a social worker...insert alt text here

Toronto appears to have hit another record in a year of increased violence. According to police data, the city has recorded 424 shootings in 2018, as of Monday, surpassing the previous high, set in 2016, of 407.
To think we can arrest our way out of this is a falsehood,” said some guy who claims to be chief of police.

Apparently Toronto's "more basketball courts" initiative isn't the answer. Suggestions, anyone?


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"You paid $500 for an inert rocket launcher? Those are $35 at any army surplus store. I’ll load up my truck and head to BLT. Have cash ready!"


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- has anyone checked on the ethnicity of the police chief, and the criminals and the judges? I don't know there really is a correlation. hate to have people think I am a racist.

Neo Conservative said...

the chief says the people involved
in the shooting deaths are living
"high risk lifestyles"...

not a peep about black on black
gangbanger violence.


Neo Conservative said...

nota bene...

pictures of toronto's most wanted
courtesy of toronto police service.