02 January 2019

From my cold...

...nicotine-stained hands...

Clearly smoking is, BY FAR, the more serious public health issue and requires an immediate response from the federal and various state governments. For a start, licensing of all users, mandatory tobacco safes in each user's home and vehicle, additional licensing of all users who choose to carry tobacco products outside the home.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- another year another increase in the level of stupidity. oh well.

Neo Conservative said...

more people in the usa have been
murdered with hammers than with

hundreds of thousands die each
year from errors in surgery &
hospital treatment.

don't get me started on alcohol
and tobacco.


Anonymous said...

And 10 : 1 die by handguns .

Lovely cherry picking. Not sure what it does but I guess some people will think its smart.

Smart people won't.

Neo Conservative said...

people with carry permits are the most
law-abiding demographic in the usa.

criminals kill. find 'em, fix 'em...
weld the prison cell shut.