27 January 2019

King Joffrey Trudeau finally swings the axe...

...Tyrion McCallum belatedly realises he should've stayed in Mackenzie Kings Landing with his ale and his whores...insert alt text here

"The former ambassador was quoted in StarMetro Vancouver on Friday as saying 'it would be great for Canada' if the United States drops an extradition request against a Huawei executive detained in Canada."
Looks like the Imp doesn't get to make American foreign policy either. But he sure tried.

Sounds like somebody's been into "the milk of the poppy."
“Misspoke” is a burp, not a detailed hour-long soliloquy regarding one of the most sensitive files in Canada-China relations.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- these jokers in Ottawa are worse than a bunch of semi literate kids, they don't know sh-t from tar or their arse from a hole in the ground. In the many years now since my birth I have watched as the average intellect has continued the downward spiral. The country will soon fail and maybe millions will die. We are unable to figure out how to get energy to market all the while needing to use this energy to protest the use of it. Jerks like McCallum are recycled liberals who were useless then and are worse now. What a mess they have made of a once prosperous civil country.

Neo Conservative said...

doesn't really matter how unqualified
you are. once you're in the old boys
club, these guys all take care of one